Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Food for Goats

Sadie goes nuts over leaves. - she did this over and over as we through the leaves up into the air!!! It was hilarious. Almost human! almost!

We heard on the news that it was supposed to snow, -IN OCTOBER!!!- My first thought was -after the thought It's October!- was all the leaves! My sister, my mom and myself -and Sadie!- spent about an hour and a half raking up all the leaves for my goats. We put them into empty grain bags, trash bags, buckets and the wheel barrel. Hey if you've got goats and you've got leaves I would definitely suggest raking up all the leaves before they become no good. My goats love the leaves as much as the hay! Sadie LOVES leaves

Sadie tries to help^

Taking a brake!

Let's get raking !

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