Saturday, March 10, 2012

My last post

I'm sorry to say that I'm done posting on Critters n Crafts. I've created another blog to become my main blog. I will post things on there that I would normally post here. So...if you follow this blog you might want to start following my new one. Here's a link to the new blog
I've created this blog because I've FINALLY come up with a farm name... after a lot of thought and prayer on a name I finally decided upon Still Waters Farm.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Strategically Disassemble a Suit Jacket

First you need your suit jacket.
Not all suit jackets will be the same to disassemble as mine. Use your brain and if some thing on yours is different just improvise.

Start by cutting off the sleeve by cutting around the sleeves outer seam that attaches it to the shoulder.

This seam

Once you've gone all the way around you can then then start cutting around the lining's seam, that will remove the sleeve completely.

Now go back to the shoulder and cut around the other side of the seam to remove the seam.

You can now take the shoulder pad out. You can keep this to make some thing with or you can just throw it away!

Now go back to the sleeve and pull the lining out so that the sleeve becomes inside out with its lining coming off of the wrist. Detach the two pieces from each other in the same manner you detached the sleeve from the shirt.

Now it's time to open up the sleeve. Cut out the seam (both sides, so the seam is completely detached from the sleeve)that runs from the arm pit to the wrist.

The sleeve should then look something like this. You can remove the buttons if you wish. I left them on.

Repeat the process on the other sleeve.

You can then start cutting out the lining by using your scissors and cutting along the edge seam that attaches the lining. There may be tricky "obstacles" to go around... but you'll figure it out!

You can then either un-do or cut off any bits of lining still left on the outer fabric.

You can then cut out and lace, buttons, collars, etc (any thing you don't want on your fabric). I would Highly suggest removing the collar.

You can take out all the seams in the two different fabrics if you wish but i found it to be a waist of time that left you with smaller pieces of fabric. I did not undo them but left them where they are.
Now you have a nice pile of fabric to use as you wish.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I have been going nut's making Christmas gifts. I want so badly to post them on here for you all to see but I can't for fear some one will see them that's no supposed to.
So after Christmas I will probably do a lot of posting!!! I can't wait!
We had a Christmas party! Here are some cookies we made. I didn't feel like typing the recopies over again because I already typed them on a different blog; so if you want the recopies you can find them at

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Goat Pen

It seems like fall is leaving and winter is here. We've had snow but it all ends up melting!
We've been getting things ready for when the snow decides to stay. Yesterday we -my dad and I- built a goat pen attached the the back of the barn, with a door going into the stall.
My pasture is up in the back of our property, so we built the one by the barn so I don't have to walk the goats to the back through the snow, besides, goats don't like precipitation!
I think it will be really nice to have the run in, I'm very happy with it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Leaves

The snow melted!!! Fall is back!!!
All the leaves I had raked up for goat food (Remember?) became a little too old for eating. And I thought to my self... all these leaves! They can't just go to waist.... so I cleaned my goat's
stall - which was in desperate need of some attention - and used the old leaves -and some more that I raked up after I had my idea- and used them as bedding in the stall. It's nice and cozy, and FREE. I love leaves!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sadie's First Snow!

I brought Sadie out in her first snow at 7 pm, the same day as the fall pictures I posted! No joke!
she was a bit un-sure what to do in the snow! She treated like it was alive for a while!

This is Sadie's First snow! YES, in OCTOBER!!! So not fair..