Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We made this banner for my brother's graduation party. It's simple, quick, and easy. no finished edges!!!
You will need:
*2 or 3 different materials that coordinate with each other. examples: old curtains, sheets, clothing, etc.
*Sewing machine
*Scissors Cut out a hole bunch of triangles all the same size using the fabrics you've chosen.

Pic out two triangle you want together.

Cut off two inches off the top of the triangle you want over the other. Lay it over the triangle you want on bottom, the two top edges together. sew all the way around the top triangle.

Once you get the amount of triangles you want sewn together(we used 7) lay them out in the order you want them to hang.

Cut off the edge of what ever your recycling, we used old curtains so the edge is fairly thick.

Use the strip you cut off to sew all your triangles to. sew the top side of each triangle in a row to the strip of fabric. When your banner is done you can hang it where ever you'd like.

When sewing the triangles together use different stitches to give it a funky look! i enjoyed seeing what all my stitches looked like, and messing around with my machine.

Use what ever colored thread you want.

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