Friday, April 30, 2010

house hold food for your cockatiel

My Cockatiel Zack loves a veriety of food, different colors, textures,and tastes. Here is a list of food you can and can't feed your cockatiel.
To give your bird fruits and vegies the need to be peeled, washed, and rinsed several times. If they are mushy, have brown spots, or discolored the bird should not be given them. The cockatiels can have;

* lettuce (as an occasional treat)
* cooked yams
* apples
* noncoocked asparagus
* apricots
* beets
* bananas
* broccoli
* berries
* brussle sprouts
* cantaloupe
* carrots
* cherries
* fresh corn
* honeydew melon
* fresh peas
* kiwi
* parsly
* catgrass
* mango
* pumpkin
* oranges
* red or green sweet peppers
* papaya
* turnips (greens)
* peaches
* yellow squash
* pears
* zucchini
* pineapple
* cucumbers (occasionaly)
* plums
* celery (occasionaly)
* mashed potatoes (with nothing added)
veggies can be lightly steamed.

They can also eat cooked pasta, cooked rice, whole wheat toast, and cooked cereals.
They can have certain dry cereals = shredded wheat, grape nuts, rice crispies, and plain cheerios. Cereals should be given only once in a while. Only 1 or 2 pieces at a time.
unsalted and unbuttered popcorn and animal crackers can be given as treats once in a while.
Your bird can also can have well cooked chicken( my bird realy likes it), well cooked turkey, fish, lean meats,cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs (the eggs can't have any salt or pepper).

DON'T give them;

* shell fish
* sugar
* no canned veggies
* tabacco
* greasy foods
* salt
* fruit seeds or pitts
* chocolate
* milk
* coffee or tea
* rhubarb
* alcohol
* leaves or stems from potatoes
* no moldy foods
* tomato
* egg plant
* bean plant
* avocadoes

My cockatiel realy likes oatmeal, cheerios, and lettuce, I would recommend these.
Lettuce, grapes, and strawberries are all ok but they spoil fast so don't leave them in the cage for very long.

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