Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tutorial: journal out of junior caramels box

This journal is so easy to make. You can make one following these simple instructions. You start with a junior caramels box (or other similar sized box) and cut off three of the thinner edges to make it like a book shape.

Then take a little stack of regular white lined paper and lay the box open on the paper. Make sure you lay the box in the direction I have it in the photo so the lines in your journal go in the correct direction. Then trace with a pencil around the box. Next take the box off the paper and cut on the line you drew (make sure you hold paper with the edges lined up as you cut).

After you do that, fold the paper in half the long way. Once you've done this hold it up to the box be sure the edges are flat and staple them together. there you've made your self a journal

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