Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tutorial:Hair clips

These are hair clips my mom and I came up and with for me and a bunch of my friends to make. You start by taking the hair clip, (we used two different kinds, hair clips and barrettes).
Cover the top of the barrette with glue and take a not to heavy or thick yarn and tightly rap it around the clip.

After you've done that there are many different things you can do with it, you can just wear it how it is, or you can decorate it with all sorts of things. We put buttons, wooden shapes, and foam shapes on them. If you use the foam shapes I would suggest not using the sticky back ones if the sticky part will be touching your hair because the sticky part gets stuck in your hair.

To make the hair clip ones cover the top of the clip with glue, and take a large foam shape and glue it on.
Then glue other little foam shapes on the big one (you can use sticky back ones for these if you want but only for the little ones) you can also use sticky back letters and write your name.

Hear are some
different clips I made.

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